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26 June 2010 @ 11:37 pm
Here is the translation to last year's "H" magazine, featuring captain failboat and his trip to New York for NYCC.  Follow Sho as he runs around the city doing basically everything like the true hero he is. 
Sentences in italic are of Sho showing off his awkward Engrish skills (they're what's in the magazine).

I don't know about you but I am seriously praying something like this will happen with Nino and Gantz!! Prz to be coming to Otakon :D

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14 June 2010 @ 06:55 pm
In this issue, Arashi talks about kindness and being a good person.  This is the translation for the last page, where they answer 10 yes or no questions on what they'd do in certain situations.  See who would deliver a lost wallet to the police station, offer his seat to an elderly, stop a fight...and who wouldn't.  Sho was such a cute little kid! <3 and Nino is a Giants fan blech.  HANSHIN!!!!

The comments in between quotes are in the original article.  They're not my personal comments XD

"The other members of Arashi are all good people, so when I'm with them, don't I look like a good person too?"Collapse )
14 June 2010 @ 03:57 pm
Another translation from an old magazine I found in the storage!  In this (not so) short segment the boys answer 50 this or that questions. When this interview took place, apparently Aiba has never gone on the internet before LOL.  I hope he's experienced it at least once since then XD

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13 June 2010 @ 10:17 pm
Riida the bus driver, Sho the first Johnny's K-1 athlete, Chef Matsumoto...man these boys are SO RANDOM. And you gotta love the tad bit of Ohmiya/Sakuraiba in the beginning <3 Enjoy!

"If Masaki is healthy, then I'm happy."Collapse )
13 June 2010 @ 10:14 pm
December 2004 Myojo Interview. The second part includes each member's profiles from 1999, 2004 (year of the interview), and their predicted future profiles of themselves in 2009. Hence all of the wacky answers 8]

Longest magazine translation ever orzCollapse )
13 June 2010 @ 10:06 pm
Arashi's brat talks about his thoughts on the new song, playing a new instrument, and his two upcoming movies.  There was also a short but cute bit about Karina on HnA, so I translated that too. This magazine was translated from akaisuki_drop's scans.

"I'll work hard so girls will have their hearts race as they watch."Collapse )
13 June 2010 @ 10:02 pm
Translations for Aiba and Ohno's interview portion of the most recent Oricon Star, translated from akaisuki_drop's scans here.

In this issue, the pair answers readers' questions about Arashi's 3 variety shows. I love these two-member interviews because Ohno actually has to talk lol.

"It's better having to wear stockings or wear nipple t-shirts."Collapse )